State of the Cubs- A BCB Regular’s Perspective

BCB stalwart CuBBIEzRule! stops by to give us an update on the team

Man a lot has been going on! Sweet Lou has really got his work cut out for him with this team huh! The pen’ has been pretty crazy so far we really need to get more consistent and do better. Marmol is ok but he really needs to learn how to deal with pressure and Cotts needs to get back to being clutch like he was last year. I think they will be ok though. If not we have Shark in Iowa and he is used to playing in front of a lot of people like he did at Notre Dame so I think he could be the clutch guy the team needs. Derek Lee, man what is up with that guy? DLee was so money back in 05 but he can’t seem to get healthy. I think maybe his wrist still hurts. Oh well. At least he still plays solid D and you can’t put a price that on that! Him and Aramis should be really good I think especially with The Riot setting the table. That guy should be an example to some of the other Cubs like Soto or even Bradley, You dont always have to kill the ball to get on base! Speaking of Milton I know it’s early but jeez the guy is already hurt. My friend from Texas told me that this would happen and hopefully Milton can suck it up and prove him wrong. All I can say is that I miss DeRosa who was a gamer and you could count on him being out there every day rain or shine. I can’t wait to watch the game tonight and sing Go Cubs Go when they win! This is the year GO CUBBIES!


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