Brain Drain.

A few weeks back Herr Yellon triumphantly crowed about a mega merger between Yahoo Sports and SB Nation/BCB. Basically, Yahoo now links to BCB and encourages the mindless drones who comment there to go post their nonsense on BCB as well. Al of course was thrilled, he not only gets more of the attention he so desperately craves but also can make more money of BCB which has always been his primary objective. I on the other hand could only chuckle because  Yahoo Sports commentators and BCB hooking up is the ultimate combination in retardation. Picture the eventual child of TheHawk/Panda Express and you might get an idea of how stupid the people who post there now are like.  I mean when posters like SantosWoodenLegs or even KerrysotherFreakinWife start sounding reasonable  then you know things are bad.  But don’t take my word for it lets take a look at what Yellons greed has turned BCB into.

Cub fan rant

I have been a Cubs fan for over 60 years, so I think I am entited to rant a bit.  I think Jim Hendry, who has made some good trades and signings in the past, has  destroyed  this team. He traded Jason M for a pitcher who he later released, He did this free up monies to sign Milton B.  who is a cancer  that will help to defeat this years chances.  He signed a closer who I don’t think can close. He traded Da Rosa and does not have a everyday  second baseman. There is no middle relief in this bullpen. To improve over last year all he needed to do was  get some middle relief and maybe a left handed  power bat.  To me Wood and DaRosa look pretty good in light of the recent injuties(Sic).  Thanks for letting me unload.


Wow, that is truly “content you can’t find anywhere else”. And by anywhere else Al means the exact shit you would hear from a drunken 8 year old or a homeless person on acid. What hilarious about that “fan post” is that kind of bile is the standard at BCB now. BCB which used to be home to almost every major Cub blogger at the moment is now a refuge for people too stupid for talk radio . That is some wild shit folks, the thing I’ve posted above is the stupidest, most pointless thing I have ever seen posted on the internet(s) and it barley stands out anymore. You can find bat shit crazy stuff with ease, like here, or here, or here , or here, or here, or here , or here  no matter where you look all you will find is the kind of stupid that just makes you sad rather than the kind of stupid which makes you laugh

So kudos to Al Yellon, he has made his bed and now he can lay in it. Maybe he could publish another 20,000 words on how to blog for the mindless zombies he invited into his home. If it were my blog I would do the only honorable thing and kill myself while  simultaneously destroying the main server to spare the rest of the world the pain of ever visiting Bleed Cubbie Blue.


One Response to Brain Drain.

  1. Mercurial Outfielder says:

    a drunken 8 year old or a homeless person on acid


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