Al Yellon Has No Concept

June 16, 2009

Herr Yellon again dusts off his “stats dont tell the whole story” chestnut and gets predictably pwned by the 1 or 2 non-mouth breathers left at BCB.  Reading that thread just confirms the main point behind this blog-  Al Yellon is a massive idiot who has no business publishing his incoherent thoughts to others.

Side Note- I see that TechnoHawk/Asian  Connoisseur Mike or one of his minions has found this blog. Keep in mind “no” that here Mike can’t edit our comments or censor people highlighting how fucking dumb he is.  Thanks for stopping by though.


Al Yellon HATES Black People Pt 5,000

June 4, 2009

Al has decided to give up pretending to be objective over Bradley and openly bash him. He has now decided that Bradley’s teammates hate him and always have despite the mountain of evidence otherwise.

Check out the hilarity in this BCB thread




(ht to JG)