Al Yellon HATES Black People Pt 5,000

Al has decided to give up pretending to be objective over Bradley and openly bash him. He has now decided that Bradley’s teammates hate him and always have despite the mountain of evidence otherwise.

Check out the hilarity in this BCB thread




(ht to JG)


5 Responses to Al Yellon HATES Black People Pt 5,000

  1. Mercurial Outfielder says:

    Yellon’s refusal to admit fault in the face of insurmountable evidence to the contrary is quite impressive.

  2. no says:

    Yup, everyone hates black people–especially if they are Milton Bradley, blah blah fucking blah.

    Al Yellon and everyone who reads/posts on ACB should be tossed into a giant human equivalent of a wasp trap.

    Yeah, I know I typed ACB instead of BCB, because both sites are the two sides of the same retarded coin.

  3. Melissa says:

    Why can’t everyone just be tossed into a regular giant wasp trap? Why does it have to be a giant “human equivalent” of a wasp trap?

  4. Ted from Green River says:

    I am begging black people to tell Al Yellon how much they hate him

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