Al Yellon Has No Concept

Herr Yellon again dusts off his “stats dont tell the whole story” chestnut and gets predictably pwned by the 1 or 2 non-mouth breathers left at BCB.  Reading that thread just confirms the main point behind this blog-  Al Yellon is a massive idiot who has no business publishing his incoherent thoughts to others.

Side Note- I see that TechnoHawk/Asian  Connoisseur Mike or one of his minions has found this blog. Keep in mind “no” that here Mike can’t edit our comments or censor people highlighting how fucking dumb he is.  Thanks for stopping by though.


18 Responses to Al Yellon Has No Concept

  1. Donovan says:

    Just curious if the reason there have been no updates of late is because you learned that Al was fired from his day job?

  2. dylanj says:

    no way. do tell……

  3. Donovan says:

    Yeah, Al worked at a local broadcast station for many, many years and was recently ‘let go’ for very Al-like reasons. Talk has it that he was dismissed for seeing to his blogging job while on the clock at his day job, but it was much more than that.

  4. Ray says:

    He’s a dick for sure

  5. Wreckless says:

    Donovan, what was the “much more than that”, exactly?

  6. eva brown says:

    lots of yellon moments to update

  7. swiz says:

    agreed with eva ^

  8. A Nonnie Moose says:

    I guess DylanJ grew tired of heckling Al. That’s too bad because somebody needs to keep him honest. I find his management style at BCB very annoying and hypocritical. He claims he doesn’t want any personal attacks posted on his site, but he’ll turn a blind eye while his minions attack someone that he obviously doesn’t like. They have some sort of a group mind over there and anyone that has a differing opinion isn’t exactly welcome.

  9. Al Yellon is a Fucker says:

    You know what that fucker Al Yellon did? He went and banned me is what that fucker Al Yellon did. That fucker is so fucking absorbed with defending that fucker Jim Hendry who has built this fucking clusterfuck of a team that his mind is fucked. Al Yellon fucking sucks. I wish somebody would puke on him in the left field bleachers, seeing how every other fucker surrounding me in the bleachers the other day was fucking drunk or fucking fighting or fucking pissing into a cup or fucking trying to hurl projectile fucking vomit into the basket. FUCK these Cubs. They fucking suck in 2010. Meanwhile Tom Ricketts sits on his fucking ass while Al Yellon sucks up more than the lead character of Brokeback Mountain. Well fuck you too Al Yellon.

  10. Al Yellon is a Fucker says:

    Ever notice how that fuckhead Al Yellon looks like a 20 year older version of Kevin Youklis? Is he his fucking father?

  11. Sue is a cunt says:


  12. person says:

    BLou, is that you?

  13. Steve from Rockford says:

    I wish this blog was still active.

  14. Tony LaRussa says:

    Al is a douche, agreed!

  15. Ted from Green River says:

    Al, your posts on SB nation are completely childish compared to EVERYTHING ELSE on the site. You are not writing for eastern euopean children who’ve never seen a baseball before. I was thrilled to see this site exists, BECAUSE YOU FUCKING SUCK. (I’m not a Cubs fan)

  16. Santos Wooden Legs Wooden Legs says:

    This site rules

  17. Soup Club says:

    This site rules alright

  18. Theo says:

    Hey Al, eat shit.

    Love, Theo.

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